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Lawn Care Tips: Mowing In Hot Weather

Lawn Care Tips: Mowing In Hot Weather

When it comes to gardening, mowing the lawn is not always the best job

When it comes to gardening, mowing the lawn is not always the best job, but it is essential to have a good mowing routine. The more regular you mow your lawn, the better it will look, if mown correctly that is! During hot weather, your grass will be under a lot of stress. It’s best to let your grass grow a bit longer than usual so it can retain as much water as possible to survive the dry weather.

Top Mowing Tips For Hot Weather

  • Don’t mow grass that is dry and not growing. 
  • If there is some growth or it looks unsightly with tufts of growth here and there, then only trim the tops of the leaf try and keep the height to 50mm (2”). This will help protect the soil and keep it cool, this will help when the rains come.
  • Don’t mow in the heat of the day to prevent heat stress on your grass and yourself, mornings or evenings are always best.
  • Check your mowers blade regularly and sharpen or replace if necessary. If you don’t, it may tear the grass blade and increase the chance of disease.
  • Make sure you clean and remove grass from the underside of the mower, after you have finished.
  • Change the mowing pattern each time you mow. Grass develops a grain based on your cutting direction, often leaning towards the direction you mow. By alternating the pattern in which you cut the grass allows the opportunity for all grass species to grow.

If you do cut your lawn, we must stress you keep to or above 50mm (2’’). By allowing your lawn to be slightly longer will help the grass blade to shade the soil and reduce water loss due to evaporation. Any lower, this will stress the grass plant and can lead to bald patches, and an increase in weeds, pests, and the risk of lawn disease! 

A healthy lawn can survive an occasional close cut but repeatedly cutting the lawn too short is damaging.

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