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Lawn Fungicides

Most lawns will suffer from a lawn disease at some point in the year

Lawn diseases are caused by the rapid growth of fungi at the root layer of the grass. The signs of lawn disease include discolouration, particularly yellow and brown dry patches. The most common lawn diseases we treat include Red thread, Fusarium Patch, and Fairy Rings.

See below for more on these common UK lawn diseases and how to identify them.

Red Thread

Red Thread thrives in mild temperatures and damp conditions which explains why it’s the UK’s most common lawn disease.

As well as lawns with poor drainage, Red Thread is more likely to be found in lawns that don’t get much sunlight. The best way to protect against Red Thread is by maintaining the nitrogen level of the soil. This is exactly what our Red Thread fungicide treatment does whilst also balancing the pH of the soil.

Red Thread tends to grow during prolonged periods of mild and wet weather, commonly in Spring and Autumn. The main signs to look out for are irregular patches of yellow and brown grass with small red needles or threads visible amongst the blades of grass.


Fusarium Patch occurs during prolonged periods of high humidity at the surface level of the lawn.

Also known as Snow Mould, Fusarium Patch commonly occurs when temperatures remain consistently mild, wet or following a blanket of snow. We commonly see Fusarium in early spring, autumn and over the winter months.

The telltale sign of Fusarium Patch is circular patches of yellowing grass, some of which have a pinkish cobweb like fungal growth around the edges. Fusarium is a persistent and durable lawn disease that can and does reoccur. The best way to protect against Fusarium Patch is to maintain a healthy lawn through the use of scarification and aeration treatments.

Fairy Rings

Fairy Rings is another fungal disease that causes dark green rings and semicircles to spread across the lawn.

There are 3 main types of Fairy Rings:

  • ​​Clearly visible dark green circles of healthy-looking grass.
  • Rings of dark green and healthy-looking grass that are surrounded by an outer ring of dead grass
  • Patch rings of small fungi that grow on the surface of the lawn, usually appearing in autumn.

Fairy Rings tend to occur when the soil is starved of nutrients, usually as a result of thatch. Our treatment for Fairy Rings targets the mycelium network underneath your lawn’s surface, but we also recommend a scarification treatment to remove areas of thatch.

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