Seasonal Treatments

Your lawn at its best no matter the time of year.
An annual lawn care programme is essential to keeping your lawn in great shape all year round.

You can view our packages which offer annual care on our packages page, or alternatively if that doesn't meet your requirements you can build your own.


Our Spring treatment is a slow-release granular fertilizer that is high in Nitrogen.

The High nitrogen application helps green up the lawn ready for the Spring. On this Visit we’ll also treat Moss if any has developed since the winter treatment.    

Spring is Also the perfect time to Scarify and Aerate your Lawns

Early Summer

When the weather warms the soil and the weeds start actively growing,

we have a selection of products to use to help eradicate the weeds, granular feed is also applied at this visit to ensure that the lawn remains lush green. 


During Summer our Organic continues to nourish the lawn to help maintain a rich green appearance during the hot and dry months, We will also Spot weed your lawn


Following a warm summer period, our autumn treatment is the last feed of the year to help prepare your lawn for the colder temperatures.

During this autumn period, a combination of slow grass growth and a mild, wet climate will increase the likelihood of moss in lawns, particularly in shady and high moisture areas.


Our Winter Treatment focuses on protecting the lawn through the winter months.

Our Treatment targets the moss and also helps prevents diseases and hardens the grass plants. The helps keeping the Lawn looking green.

  • Personal and Professional

    Our team of highly trained professional grounds people offer a personal service to all our clients. We build a relationship with you to ensure our service is always right for your garden.

  • Affordable

    We offer very competitive prices and pride ourselves on giving the best service money can buy. Why put on expensive lawn care chemicals or grass seed only for it not to work? You also have the peace of mind that all our products are safe for pets and children.

  • Sustainable

    Covering all aspects of lawn maintenance, we use sustainable products wherever possible. See incredible results after just one treatment.

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