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Seasonal Treatments

Keeping your lawn at its best through the seasons
An annual lawn care plan is the best way to keep your lawn in top condition all year round

View our annual packages or create a custom package to meet specific requirements.

Spring Lawn Care

The Spring lawn care treatment involves applying a slow-release granular fertiliser that improves the nitrogen balance of the lawn.

This treatment is about aiding the nitrogen cycle, a process that is essential for lawn health. During this visit we’ll also treat any areas of moss that might have developed over the winter season.  

Spring is also the perfect time to Scarify and Aerate lawns.

Early Summer Lawn Care

The rise in temperature of the soil at the root layer is what triggers weed growth.

The Early Summer treatment involves applying products designed to eradicate weeds at the root layer. 

During this visit we also apply a granular feed that ensures a lush green lawn over the summer months.

Summer Lawn Care

The Late Summer treatment involves another application of organic fertiliser that helps maintain a rich green lawn through the hottest time of the year.

This treatment also includes spot weed control designed to remove persistent patches of weeds.

Autumn Lawn Care

Following the consistent heat and heavy use over the summer months, the Autumn Treatment is about rejuvenation and preparing the lawn for cooler temperatures.

The Autumn Treatment involves a feed that is high in potassium and phosphate, designed to stimulate grass growth and protect against moss growth.

Potassium improves the hardiness of the grass plant, giving your lawn the strength to deal with the stress of rapid changes in temperature. Phosphate improves the quality of the soil which promotes growth at the root layer of the grass, helping the lawn grow lush and thick.


The Winter Treatment is about protecting the health of the lawn through the winter months.

This treatment focuses on moss control and the prevention of diseases that can occur from leaf litter and wet conditions. The Winter Treatment is improves the hardiness of your lawn, helping it maintain a vibrant green colour, despite the low light conditions.

  • Personal and Professional

    Getting to know our customers is an important part of our work. An understanding of the problems your lawn faces, and how you plan to use your garden over the course of the year, allows our experienced lawn care team to tailor our service to your needs.
  • Sustainable

    We recognise the importance and benefits of enjoying the outdoors and sustainability is therefore a key concern for us. Our eco-friendly approach sees us use origin-traceable organic products and get involved with eco-friendly initiatives. All of our products are safe for children, pets and the environment.
  • Affordable

    As an independent family business we pride ourselves on providing a high-quality service. Although we’re growing, we continue to prioritise long term relationships that offer value for money.

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