Driveway and Patio Treatments

Bring your surfaces back to their best
Weeds on drives and patios are very annoying,

They look unsightly and can damage the structure of the surface.

The weeds also have a habit of returning all too quickly after you think you have dealt with them.

Weed Treatment

for Driveways/Patios

When driveways and patios are covered in weeds, it can look very unsightly. The weeds tend to grow back within a couple of weeks.

Yorkshire Lawn Care will treat 100% of the weeds down to and including the roots. Meaning weeds can’t grow back after a few weeks

We also apply a treatment that stops new growth for several months.  At Yorkshire Lawn Care we have designed a programme for most hard surfaces. With just Two of our treatments per year.

In Most circumstances this should be sufficient to keep your drives, paths and patios looking totally weed free all year round.

Moss Treatment

for Driveways/Patios

At Yorkshire Lawn Care we tend to see an annual build-up of Moss on Driveways/Patios. In the winter moss can be hazardous by becoming slippery. Keeping on top of this is the best way to keep your driveway etc Moss free

Yorkshire Lawn Care treats the moss. Once the treatment has been applied the moss turns black. This stops the moss from spreading. After the treatment the moss can be removed by hard brush (by the client), or we have an option to mechanically remove the moss.

  • Personal and Professional

    Our team of highly trained professional grounds people offer a personal service to all our clients. We build a relationship with you to ensure our service is always right for your garden.

  • Affordable

    We offer very competitive prices and pride ourselves on giving the best service money can buy. Why put on expensive lawn care chemicals or grass seed only for it not to work? You also have the peace of mind that all our products are safe for pets and children.

  • Sustainable

    Covering all aspects of lawn maintenance, we use sustainable products wherever possible. See incredible results after just one treatment.

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