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Pests in Lawns

Our Pest Management Treatments reduce the number of pests harming your lawn.
Pests such Leather Jackets and Chafer Grubs can do serious damage to your lawn

They eat away at the roots system weakening the grass plant. Some signs of an infested lawns .  Can leave grass yellow and thinning – and whole patches entirely bare.

Hatched larvae may cause damage to plant roots in large concentrations and attract more pests, like skunks, birds, and raccoons, who may try to dig up the ground in order to feed on them.

Chafer Grubs

Chafer grubs are the larvae of Chafer beetles. They have curved white bodies and light brown heads and look similar to the famous Witchetty grubs, but are much smaller at around 18mm in length.

Chafer Grubs eat away at the root system of lawns and can do terrible damage, especially between the end of summer and beginning of autumn when the grubs are reaching maturity.

In affected areas, the grass gradually takes on a yellow colour, similar to straw.


Leatherjackets are the larvae of the Crane Fly, also known as Daddy-Longlegs.

A single Crane Fly can lay up to 300 eggs in the root layer of the lawn. The larvae hatch after a couple of weeks into grey-black, legless larvae that have a tough, leathery skin, hence the name ‘leatherjacket’.

The hatched larvae feed on the root system of the lawn through autumn all the way to spring and early summer, when they pupate and become flies.

The key to controlling leatherjackets is to apply a treatment when they are larvae.

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