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The most effective spring lawn treatments

The most effective spring lawn treatments

There are many steps that you can take if you want to get your lawn spring ready.

A great-looking lawn can transform your garden into a much more pleasant space, and actions you can take to get your lawn into shape include using lawn fertiliser, mowing the grass, weeding and dealing with any bare patches you can see.

Mowing your lawn

Make sure you use the right cutter height when you’re mowing your lawn and use an effective weedkiller to treat weeds and moss quickly. It’s best to deal with bare patches as soon as you can to win the battle against weeds and moss. To prevent the build-up of thatch layers in your lawn, scarify it. Aerating your lawn will help you to relieve compaction and ensure air can circulate around your lawn root system. Aeration is also a great solution when you have issues with lawn drainage. By the time the weather starts to warm up in the spring, you may need to mow your lawn every week or more to keep it looking great. Make sure you don’t mow too short as this can weaken your grass and encourage weeds and moss to grow.

Feeding your lawn

You are advised to feed your lawn in the spring and again in the summer to keep your grass looking great and boost its strength. Lawn fertiliser will make your grass greener whilst encouraging it to grow thicker and boost its health and strength. Consider using a granular feed that will provide a regular amount of nutrients to your lawn. When you’re applying a granular lawn feed to your grass, make sure you are treating it evenly. A lawn spreader can help you to achieve this.

Dealing with weeds and moss

If you feed your lawn well, you shouldn’t have as many problems with weeds and moss as someone who doesn’t. If weeds and moss do appear on your lawn, it’s best to deal with them as quickly as you possibly can. Quality weedkillers will help you control most weeds without damaging your grass. Perhaps you have moss but no weeds? If so, you may be able to use a special lawn moss killer which will also feed your lawn whilst it’s killing the moss. If you also have problems with weeds, there are granular lawn products available that have ingredients that help with moss control, weed control and feeding.

Managing bare patches

Lawn patch repair products can help you deal with bare products. There are products available that offer a blend of grass seed and slow-release feed which can help you cover bare patches quickly and encourage the growth of thick grass.


Up to a quarter of the grass in your lawn is likely to die following a particularly cold and wet winter. However, you can overseed your lawn to breathe new life into it. To overseed is to sow new grass into your lawn and enhance its appearance. This can also boost the density of your grass and help you overcome big problems with moss and weeds.

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if you need help with lawn treatments in Yorkshire, we can help. Contact us today by calling 0800 160 1266, by emailing us at or by completing the form on our site today.
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