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Lawn Treatment: What is it?

Lawn Treatment: What is it?

Lawn treatment is not just one lawn care practice.

Lawn Treatment Basics

Lawn treatment is not just one lawn care practice. The term lawn treatment applies to a wide variety of lawn care services used to improve the health and appearance of your lawn growing green, healthy lawns with thick roots in any climate. Fertilisation, weed control, pest control, and disease and fungus treatment protect and strengthen grass roots and blades, ensuring lawns stay healthy and damage-free all year-round. The purpose of these lawn treatments is to make grass both beautiful and functional for the perfect lawn.

Lawn Treatment Services

The types of lawn treatments include fertilisation, weed control, pest control, and disease and fungi treatment. All of these lawn treatment services are crucial for making grass thrive. A comprehensive lawn care service should customise the use of these treatments together for your lawn’s needs as they change throughout each season.

Lawn Fertiliser Treatment

The nutrients that grass needs to know is naturally occurring in soil. However, most soil, cannot produce all of the nutrient’s lawns need during their entire season of growth to stay green and sturdy. Applying a specific lawn fertiliser treatment which is formulated for the time of year and the type of soil gives lawns the nutrients they need to produce the amount of energy it takes for leaves and roots to grow long and strong.

Lawn Weed Control Treatment

Weed control treatments deliver weed-free lawns to homeowners by aiming to achieve two things, firstly, to prevent weeds from getting the chance to grow. The second is to get rid of weeds that have already started growing. The most effective treatment for weed control in lawns includes a combination of pre-emergent and post-emergent herbicide applications throughout the year. Pre-emergent herbicides target weed seeds and kill them before they can grow. Post-emergent herbicides kill lawn weeds that have already been established and make it more difficult for them to grow back.

Lawn Pest Control

Lawn pests include but are not limited to beetles, silverfish, millipedes, crickets, spiders and ants. These insects are known for making their homes in the blades of lush green lawns, as they feed on the soil, leaves, and roots and damage the immediate and long-term health of a lawn. Effective lawn pest control removes these troublesome pests by using multiple insecticide applications throughout the year to protect the health and structure of your lawn.

Lawn Disease and Fungus Treatment

There are countless types of lawn diseases and fungi that can quickly take over your lawn and create dead patches of grass. Lawn disease and fungus quickly damage and kill lawns and can be caused by a wide assortment of common environmental factors and poor lawn care practices. Some of these include overwatering, drought, humidity, temperature, incorrect mowing techniques, and excessive use of fertiliser. Regular fungicide applications at the correct times of year prevent and treat lawn disease and fungus. This lawn treatment is essential to boost your lawn’s ability to survive under stress. If you need a professional Lawn Care company to come and treat your lawn and get it looking luscious and green all year round then contact Yorkshire Lawn Care today on 0800 160 1266

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