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Lawn Scarification

Scarification is a mechanical process that removes thatch and moss to create a healthy lawn
Does your lawn feel spongy under foot or look uneven and discoloured?

If so, then thatch and moss is having a negative effect on the health and appearance of your lawn.

Some lawns develop more thatch and moss than others. We take soil samples to help us understand which type of scarification is needed, either medium or deep.

Thatch and moss compete with the grass, gradually degrading the root layer which leads to a patchy, uneven lawn.

If left untreated, the thatch begins to act as a sponge, creating the damp conditions that leads to moss growing in the lawn. Thatch and moss affects the drainage of the lawn and can prevent oxygen and nutrients from reaching the root layer.

Scarifications are done at certain times of year, generally in Spring and Autumn, and are available as part of our Premium Package.

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